Friday, October 12, 2007

Emrichs Creamery Milk

Available in half gallon reusable glass jugs in skim, 2%, and whole, Emrich's Creamery Milk offers a local, natural, healthy, and tasty milk. Emrich's is located just 35 miles from Manhattan and makes deliveries to Topeka, Manhattan, and Lincoln, Nebraska. The family business started in 2003 and has been thriving on a quality product since. The milk comes from their prized Jersey cows which produce milk with higher calcium, protein, and butter fat content than the more common Holstein cow.

Emrich's milk is natural in the sense that they don't use growth hormones and they try to use organic feed when it is available. They do not certify their milk as organic because organic standards dictate that cows cannot be used after they are treated for illness. Emrich's loves their cows, and so, continues milking them after they treat them. In order to ensure the health and safety of the milk they test it all for antibiotics and discard any infected milk. In addition, they pasteurize their milk at the lowest temperature allowed by the FDA to ensure that they do not unnecessarily burn up any of the nutrients in the milk.

More information

Emrich Family Creamery
312 Front St.
Wheaton, KS 66521
(785) 396-4347

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