Friday, April 4, 2008

Mothership Wit

Mothership Wit is an organic wheat beer brewed with spices by New Belgium Brewing in Fort Collins, CO.

"MOTHERSHIP WIT elevates the zesty Wit or White beers of Belgium with wheat malt, coriander and orange peel spicing - all of which are organically grown. The alluring taste is the result of a gravitational balance of citrus and sour flavors held in suspension by a bright burst of carbonation. "Mothership," long the nickname of New Belgium's brewing facility, has grown to encompass the brewery's sustainable approach to doing business. Appropriately, MOTHERSHIP WIT - a Wit to Make One Wonder."
In the effort to consume conscientiously in all aspects of our lives, this is a good option when indulging in beer. Not only is this beer organic, but it is brewed by one of the most environmentally conscious and sustainable companies around. On top of that, it could nearly be considered a local product being produced a mere 550 miles away.

New Belgium's Practices:
  1. Brew Kettle 70% more efficient than average kettles
  2. Buildings are designed with UV blocking windows, sun tubes, and light shelves. Packaging hall interior wood is made of beetle kill pine. Use evaporating HVAC coolers to condition their 55,000 square foot packaging hall with minimal energy consumption.
  3. Treat their own wastewater extracting methane and nutrient-rich sludge
  4. Use methane from wastewater to run 15% of electrical needs, at full capacity.
  5. Purchase only wind energy.
  6. Employ a High Involvement Culture through open books, employee ownership, and participative decision making.
  7. Tour the country promoting sustainable eventing with compostable cups, solar sound stage, and biking promotion.
  8. 1% of revenues goes to environmental non-profits
  9. Team Wonderbike program pledges to divert 8 million car miles by bike riding every year.
  10. Every employee gets a custom cruiser bike after one year employment.
Or... find out for youself!

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